Emmett Jordan received his BSEE-MCL from Marquette University in 1969 and has experience as an electronics tester, factory assemblyman, WRIT radio station librarian, songwriter, scientific computer programmer, electrical engineer, bus driver, and maintenance man. His musical instruments include piano, keyboard, several types of harp and bagpipe, guitar, saz, mandolin, ukelele, euphonium, tenor horn, baritone horn, serpent dragon horn, alphorn, great highland electric bagpipe, reedpipes, aulus, hornpipes, crummhorns, including Carnival, Mardi Gras, and Shriners.
His cover page for his song The Rivers of Time is featured in the Old Farmer’s Almanac sky watch gallery of e-card photos at www.almanac.com. His home venue is the OASIS, Milwaukee Public Schools, www.milwaukeerecreation.net